I started doing commissions in March of 2021 and it has been a blast for me! I love getting to see everyone's dream figures come true and the excitement that comes with it. I have since then figured out a concise way to charge accordingly that gives you guys a good quote to go off of but still ensure I'm paid for my time.

Commission costs are $30 an hour.

Look alike requests (actors or self) is a minimum of 3 hours but includes first print (up to a $10 value/ so basic male 1:12 scale) for free.

All other requests are 2 hour minimum and you just pay whatever the print cost is after that.

I am willing to send over the STL file rather for personal use only, if you wish to market it we will have to discuss a marketing fee to that extent.

In certain circumstances a customer might need multiple items or heads, rather than charge a flat 2 hour rate per item we may look at a straight $45 an hour to complete the items as quickly as possible. Then customer would have to pay for printed items afterward.

Contact me at for more information!