Don't have a fit. Get the pop fit!

It isn't enough to have a cool looking figure. You can buy a statue if that's all you want. No, what you want is an action figure to still be poseable. It's ain't called a Static Figure! At Headhunters Customs our NUMBER ONE focus is on making sure your action figure parts can fit to the best of our abilities without needing a roll of duck tape, blue tack, and some twine to hold it into a static position.
So shop around, I'm sure you'll love what you see!



Characters from the series Dragonlance sized to Mythic Legions. 

Stop Buying Expensive Paper Weights

It is my absolute passion that I provide the best quality product that fits the toys it is supposed to fit, that's a LOT more than you can say about anyone else in this industry. So do yourself a favor, stop supporting people selling expensive paper weights, and buy parts you'll be able to use upon arrival!

Mythic Legions 1.0 Head Sleeve

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